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The fitness industry is just that, an industry and along with that industry comes a natural dilution of the quality of services provided by that industry in spite of the endless options they advertise. We at F3 believe that Health and Wellness are singular concepts, even though they can be reached in different ways. We believe that Personal Service mixed with a detail oriented approach to proper movement patterns is our bread and butter. We take pride in being able to improve performance in experienced athletes, but we really thrive from helping ordinary people realize their athletic potential, abstain from injury and build great skills and habits to apply not only to fitness, but other areas of life. With a growing community of bright and wonderful individuals and families we consider our “Secret Sauce” we are looking to expand that community.

  • If you are looking for a life changing fitness trainer, First Form Fitness is where it's at. These trainers invest their time in YOU by customizing a workout plan to get you quick results. Don't ever be afraid to tell them of any aches or pains, they teach you techniques and mobility movements to help you overcome quickly. I've followed PD from another gym. He has changed my life not only physically but mentally by improving my "I CAN" attitude. Lastly, the people in our group classes are like family. We encourage each other and have good laughs together while working our butts off. My husband and I love this place, we miss it on the days we don't go.

    Mehreen Siddiqui
  • I highly recommend First Form Fitness! The trainers are incredible. They get to know you on a personal level and help you to meet your goals! Classes are fun and challenging!

    Nicole Rudd
  • Such a great change from the "big box" gym! PD, Zack and Wes are everyone's own personal trainers and are great partners. From customized workouts to help with specific trouble areas to nutritional coaching, they make sure do everything possible to help you reach your goals. Won't ever go back to a big gym... Love my FFF bros!

    Nani Parker
  • I have absolutely loved my experience at First Form Fitness! PD, Zach and Wes are an incredible team who are incredibly knowledgeable in the realm of fitness which includes safety, body mechanics and nutrition. I look forward to going to the work outs to get solid instruction! Nice job!!

    Shelley Lail
  • I began working out with PD not knowing what to expect but soon I began to realize that losing weight isn't just working out but it's a mindset. The trainers at this gym are your life coach and will change your life. I learned to eat healthy, think better about myself, and feel the strongest I've ever felt. I've lost inches and feel amazing. Thanks to Zach and PD! You definitely want to check this place out if you want to begin feeling a new you!

    Khadeejah Farooq
  • Truly a place where the full value within one's own life can be realized.

    Chris Land
  • I am in my last week of the Official 6 Week Challenge; it has been fun & challenging. Wes, PD & Zach have are very knowledgeable in their craft. They teach proper mobility and correct form techniques that you can use in your everyday life to prevent injury. I have met a lot of great people and I would recommend the facility to anyone.

    Kamesha Thompson
  • About a year ago I decided I needed to make some changes in my life. I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and have more energy. My goal wasn't necessarily to lose weight. It was to build overall healthier lifestyle choices. At that time I met a trainer named PD. He has become so influential in helping me achieve that lifestyle, but also in becoming a better person. I have had many ups and downs along the way.

    I was making a lot of progress and really moving along towards my goals quite well. In October I hit a little speed bump and hurt my lower back. It's something I have been dealing with for a while. During that time I began "comfort eating" again and I could tell I was losing my progress. I refused to give in though. I with Pd's guidance and known how we put together a plan to get back to it. He is so good at technique and form and we have begun to strengthen my back to where it needs to be. We have also began to really focus on healthier eating habits. Thanks to these changes in my diet I have never felt better. The amount of energy I have is second to none now. My mind is so much clearer and less cluttered thanks to those changes as well.

    I can't say enough great things about Pd, Zack and the rest of the team at First Form Fitness. It is truly a great place to do things the right way.

    Cason Tullis
  • An opportunity to look into your deep self, these coaches / friends help you dive deeper into a peaceful mindset and a productive lifestyle.

    Lindsey Roberts
  • First week of my 6 weeks challenge! Coach Wes rocks...great workouts so far, feeling sore but the right sore. This place teaches you basic forms that big gyms don't care much. Highly recommended!

    Susana Liam - 4.5lbs/4.4%
  • Its been a challenging week at First Form Fitness and its not over yet! I've been working hard and am reaching my fitness goals...the older we get, the harder it gets but PD, Zack and Wes are so encouraging you know you can do it. I also love the support of the other members. I definitely feel that I am a part of a positive supportive community! Thanks everyone...couldn't do it without you!

    Nicole Rudd
  • The results I've obtained from First Form Fitness are incomparable to anything I've tried before! You truly learn HOW to workout... I mean even down to breathing! The coaches are energetic, motivating, attentive and supportive. I'm beyond grateful for my experience with PD, Zach and Wes. Give it a try, you WON'T regret it. FUNCTIONAL FITNESS FROM FIRST FORM FITNESS FELLAS is the way to go!

    Marisa Pandy - 22.7lbs
  • Zach, PD and Wes offer personal training unlike anything else I've experienced. They customize workouts, stretches and healthy eating programs to help you reach your goals so you're set up for success. I'm at the beginning of my six week transformation and I can't wait to see the results. this team has your back!

    Clair O’Neil - 20.9lbs/5.6%
  • Just finished my 3rd workout of The official Six Week Challenge at First Form Fitness Studio.

    PD, Zack and Wes are simply awesome. I've never seen such dedicated personal trainers who equally care about my personal goals and well being as much as I do. BRAVO!

    PD not only trains bodies but he trains minds and changes paradigms. He even played Shania Twain for me and made me sing loudly as I worked on a few hard routines.

    Wes trains and police what you eat.

    (General Wes just ordered to cut my delicious carbs for the upcoming week. Believe me! I need that kind of accountability) Zack is a good cop but he'll keep an eye on ya if you miscount your push-ups

    I've never looked forward to go to gym as much as I do now. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary and want to train like a celebrity at an affordable price, you'll fit right in.

    First Form Fitness has something very special going on in Alpharetta/Milton Area.

    Shabana Faryal - 9.5lbs/5%
  • I can't say it enough - these guys are amazing. PD, Zack, and Wes are actually invested in your goals and success, and I can't wait to go back. Their energy is contagious and enthusiastic, and they really want you to get where you want. With tailored solutions for all different body types and needs (my knees are terrible!), they're invested in you individually. Go check these guys out!!

    Meredith Metz
  • I can't thank these guys enough for the encouragement and positivity they exhibited as I tried to reach my goals. I lost 13 pounds and 6.3% body fat in 6 weeks. Wes was there to guide me on my nutrition and help me think of things to eat because I am a vegetarian. Zack called me out when I started to get mentally tired and made me realize my full potential. PD ensure that I took care of my form and mobility to maximize my workout. There were days I came in tired, but I always left energized. They knew exactly when they needed to be tough on me and when to lift my spirits. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! You all are amazing

    Kalpi Desai - 13.2lbs/6.3%
  • 2nd day harder than the 1st day and I still love it!! PD, Zack and Wes are the Generals and the bomb trainers!! Come join in you will not be disappointed!

    Cynthia Davis-Johnson - 10.8lbs
  • The people are friendly and knowledgeable. Love it here.

    Gwen Knight - 14.7lbs
  • At first, I didn't want to post these because I was embarrassed of what I HAD become. Now, I'm posting these because what I HAVE become.

    Growing up as a professional athlete, I never had to worry about what I ate. I would eat anything I wanted because after skating at least 300 miles per week, it was all burned off and then some. All I had to do was dedicate my time and energy into speed skating. As I aged, my dedication was still in full gear; however, it was geared towards school, career, and most importantly, my family. I put my all into achieving what I needed to support my family. I was so absorbed in my dedication to my family, that I lost sight of myself.

    I saw a 6 week challenge posted on FB. I had 6 weeks to lose 20 pounds or chose to lose 5%. Seeing all my pants piled in the back corner of my closet crushed me. I signed up to lose the 20 pounds. I was hopeful to lose that weight and smile in the mirror again.

    Today was the last day of that 6 week challenge. I officially lost 21.0 pounds and over 5% body fat!!! The thing is, that isn't the part that makes me happy.... It's the friends I've gained. It's the coaches who message me to see how I am and make sure I'm going to class that day; then cheer me on when the last thing I want to do is take another step. It's going to the gym with my husband and knowing he is right there with me and showing his support while he is sweating it out too. It's the experience.

    I want to thank Pedram Daryus Shirgir, Wes Carter, and Zack Threet for showing me that I deserve to dedicate my time and energy to myself. Thank Kenneth Warren Foley for inspiring me to love myself and support my efforts both in and outside of class. Also thank the AMAZING family I've acquired at First Form Fitness (so many of you to tag and I don't want to forget anyone)!

    If you are looking to make a change in your life... If you are looking to reset your priorities and focus on yourself... Or if you are as broken as I WAS and just want to be able to smile in the mirror, go see my family at First Form Fitness Studio. I'd LOVE to see you in class

    Alicia Foley - 21lbs/7.4%
  • "Last year I met Zack & PD on what I thought was a weight loss journey, but what they have shown me along the way went far beyond just weight loss…

    Starting at over 300 lbs, and miserably unhappy with my life, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without losing my breath. I had never lifted a weight, and was truly ignorant to what a healthy lifestyle really looked like. On top of that, I was terrified of they gym. Afraid I’d be judged for being overweight, and scared to face the rejection and failure that I knew I’d find along the way.

    But when I met Zack & PD, it all changed… I finally had a true support system at the gym. Not just coaches, but friends. Genuinely kind and caring people who supported my journey, and all the bumps in the road that came with it. Despite days where I thought I was going to die or wanted to quit, despite the blood, sweat, and tears (and there was plenty), they stuck by me as my biggest supporters and cheerleaders — always with sincerity and a sense of humor to keep me going.

    The quality of their training and the depth of their knowledge blew me away, and still does. Even 9 months later, I am learning new things every single day with them. I am constantly amazed at what this new body can do… things I could have never imagined before.

    I’m proud to say I’ve lost 149 lbs, over 175 inches, and added muscles in places I didn’t know existed — all because of the work I’ve done with First Form Fitness! My body, my confidence, and my life have completely transformed because of the investment these two men have made in me as a person.

    Whether you’re looking to transform your life, or just lose a few pounds — or if you just want to spend some time with genuinely good people making positive changes in their life — come check out First Form Fitness Studio. It was the best decision I’ve ever made!"

    Sarah Kersting
  • FFF = a TEAM of coaches. ALL of them make it their business to know each member and their goals.... and your name ( yea like Cheers- everyone knows your name lol) Form FIRST in everything- Returning to a gym after several years, they quickly had my dust blown off and back on track - all within a reasonable pace. PD, Wes and Zack are amazing and caring coaches.

    Catherine Rawdin
  • Well I did it!!!! Went down 10 lbs and 6.1 % of body fat!!! Worst weeks were 2nd and 4th but hung on there. Couldn't have done it without Coach PD, Coach Zack, and Coach Wes and all their yelling at First Form Fitness, they rock. It's a great place to start and continue my journey. Best thing about this program I went off the heartburn medicine, mine was chronic. Thank you guys, you have a great gym and your workouts are awesome!!!!

    Pia Albaine - 8.4lbs/6.1%
  • I have worked with Zack and PD since they opened First Form Fitness back in 2016.

    Initially, I was looking for physical therapy since I was suffering from medial epicondylitis from repetitive stress injuries (mouse clicking a lot at work). After expensive physical therapy with an arms specialist the pain traveled up my neck and back, and healing was slow. I decided to seek a more holistic approach to fix my arm by seeking trainers that focused on physical mobility and balancing lagging muscle groups.

    Zach and PD worked with me to figure out how to combat the pain and scar tissue I had in my forearms as well as making sure I was growing stronger as a whole. They made sure to address any concerns I had regarding my body's aches and pains, and have gone above and beyond to focus on the goals that I wanted to achieve.

    There are three types of classes they offer: private, semi-private, and group classes. Depending on who and how many people show up, they modify the program template to try and touch on everyone's goals. They understand that each person has their own obstacles to overcome on their path to fitness, and it's great to see the coaches work with people of all ages and sizes.

    The value of proper form education cannot be understated. It is wonderful to be made aware when things are out of place or deficient, and even better when the form is perfect and when I understand exactly what needs to happen kinetically when lifting. Zack is able to explain all this to me in an easy-to-understand way, and is infinitely patient in correcting me as I keep messing up my form.

    TL;DR: the coaches are great, bring your lifting shoes unless it's deadlifts day. They offer a variety of programs, work with them to pick the program that's right for you!

    David Chen
  • Just finished day one! Getting this fat a$$ back in line. Thanks Zach, PD and Wes!

    Nani Parker - 10.7lbs/1.6%
  • I love, love, love this gym. The trainers are the sweetest thing ever but that doesn't mean they won't push you to perform at your best. The environment is excellent, you feel like family. Wes and Zack are on top of every person to make sure everyone has great form. I actually feel happy already when I know it's my day to go. Did I say I love it?

    Rosanna Santiago - 19.8lbs/2.9%
  • I completed the FFF 6 week challenge this week. It WAS a challenge for me but I had the support of the coaches the whole time. I'm not the kind of person to ask for help. I want to do everything by myself. But they didn't let me. They partnered me with someone that would push me to do more, faster, harder. They were happy to see me even if I wasn't happy to be working out. They have given me the foundation to live a healthier lifestyle. There are no words to describe the gratitude I have for these guys

    Michelle Roy - 12.9lbs/5.7%
  • Most of us think about to start going to gym from Monday or some other day, but we seldom do that. Somehow, if we start one fine day, we take a break or stop going due to lack of motivation or may be some other reason.

    "I did this few times." Period.

    But, my introduction to FirstForm was something different, I find myself motivated, determined and come what may I am firm on continuing to come , to get better , fitter, stronger and leaner every session. Most importantly doing the workouts in the right way as their tagline says "Form comes First" and you guys (PD,Wes and Zack)stand by it by helping people to achieve their goals in less/zero probability of prone to injuries in our way. My trainers(Yes, I can call them that, as they are like family not only to me but for all of my other gym mates)are truly wonderful guys who are always there for consultation , support and constant motivation.

    Finally, I have come to end of my 6 -Week challenge and my honest review/testimony successfully, I would like you guys(Zack, Wes, PD) to know that , I thank you a ton daily whenever I feel comfort and great in my clothes 🙂 and overall boost in my confidence.

    Thank you First Form Fitness.

    "Where Form comes First"

    Abinand Nandavaram - 15.3lbs/5.5%
  • Hurrayy my challenge is complete. It wouldn't be possible without Pedram Daryus Shirgir and Wes Carter support. I been to many fitness centers before, but never had such great workout program and support from trainers that I got at First Form Fitness Studio. The way PD and Wes greet every morning when we walk into the studio makes the day happy and the workout exciting. I enjoyed every group workout session, everyone is supportive and encouraging, which makes the workout more easy. You guys rock. Thanks to First Form Fitness Studio for the encouragement throughout 6 weeks program.

    Never expected that I would complete the challenge, rather I'm continuing classes to reduce more weight happily and stay healthy. I surely recommend First Form Fitness Studio for anyone who want to get in shape, and this place is a very good stress buster.

    Angie Stitcher-4.3lbs/5.9%

    This gym has gotten me back into commitment mode for staying healthy and exercising! The coaches are among the best! This isn't for those who don't want to work need to bring your best mindset, determination, and attitude. Make the time for you!! Join me at this crazy, fun, and entertaining gym!

    Sriharsha Reddy - 22.3lbs/4.8%
  • I successfully lost 20 pounds in six weeks with the help and hindrance of the trainers at this gym!!!

    FIRST FORM FITNESS IS THE BEST GYM YOU COULD EVER JOIN. This place is not just a gym... these men are my family. They support me and give me the tough love I need. I am in tears writing this because they have helped me get to a place where I FINALLY feel like I have control over my body!

    I plan to stay apart of this gym family as long as I am in the state of GA and even if I leave I'm coming to visit. These men aren't just trainers.. they are my friends and they care about me. They will care about you too! Come join the family... what do you have to lose? Other than FAT of course!!!

    Alexandria Elizabeth - 20lbs
  • This place has literally changed my life!!! I can literally say so much about First Form Fitness just in the first 6 weeks alone! For me, this has been a journey that I have been up and down on pretty much my entire life. I sort of got to a place of accepting that things would never change for me and that maybe after all I didn't deserve to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. I convinced myself so much that I was so undeserving to turn this thing around for myself and that's when First Form came in the picture. I've been in and out the gym my entire life. You see a gym on the corner, I've probably been a member there but nothing and I mean NOTHING compares to First Form! Truth is, I never even felt comfortable going into a gym because no matter if I was going in there to turn my weight around, I still felt judged. First Form changed my outlook. The first thing they did in which I feel is THE most important thing is made me feel comfortable being there! All the trainers extended their help and truly cared about my individual journey. Thank you, Wes, PD and Zack, Because of what you all do and the atmosphere you all have created, I was able to drop 25 pounds in the first 6 weeks! For this, I am never turning back! You guys have instilled so much in me that has literally changed the game in my life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!! ?

    Taylor Pecot - 25.1lbs
  • The trainers at this gym truly make every person feel like family. I just completed a 6-week challenge at First Form Fitness and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The high intensity workouts were great and the meal plan provided was an eye opener for sure. I would recommend this gym to anyone.

    Nikki Walden - 21.4lbs/5.7%
  • Although I have been an athlete since I can remember, I'm certainly not an expert in the field. When stepped into First Form Fitness (F3), where form IS first, I got to learn the importance of mobilizing and breathing while exercising (wait, we need to breath?). As a life long learner, I enjoy a challenge. I knew I had met my match that combined my love of learning with fitness on my first day at F3. If you are looking for a quick fix, this partnership may not work for you. The F3 team reinforces the true meaning of the English word "education." They train/mold and help you understand the answers are within you, not outside of.

    I have been to multiple fitness centers for years and can sincerely say that F3 is much more than that. The greeting as you walk in alone made me feel like I was at the right place. The explicit daily instructions on mobilizing and preparing my body for the work out changed my perspective. The coaches corrected me when I was off because they cared. That is priceless. I used to think I needed to work out for at least an hour straight to see results. I also thought it was about speed and that meant I sacrificed form. In six short (yeah right) weeks, I prepared in advance, followed the nutritional plan, mobilizing techniques (which made my workouts more effective), ever changing challenging workouts, and most importantly connected with likeminded people on the same quest and the results were evident. Please check F3 out. You will not regret investing in yourself!

    Wanja Makenna - 21.3lbs/6.7%
  • I'm considered an "athlete." However, I've never thought of myself as one until PD and First Form Fitness treated me like one. Expectations and all. I participated in sports growing up and throughout time have trained with trainers from all over the world. I can honestly say PD and First Form Fitness are the best. I have never seen a trainer be so detailed, knowledgeable, and hilarious! The team's expertise and energy are next level. My goal has always been to "beat myself" in strength, metabolic exercise, and mobility. And that's exactly what F3 helps you to do...with precision, motivation, and fun. Mobility is something people often ignore and I love that in each session F3 incorporates moves to not only do in class but at home. They truly value your wellbeing both inside and out. Good luck finding that amazing package elsewhere. PD, Wes, Zack, you guys ROCK!

    Katie Kirschner - 12.6lbs/5%
  • O hey! This is a wonderful gym, coming here the last six weeks has given me everything I didn't even know I wanted out of a gym. I spent a good part of my life being recklessly active, without ever paying attention or being committed to any fitness or nutrition goals. But in the duration of the past few weeks, with the help of the trainers here, PD, Zack, & Wes, and even the members, I've acquired sustainable habits to change all that and it feels pretty freaking awesome to make a commitment to myself and my health. I think F3 truly distinguishes itself by the incredible community they have created here, highly personalized style of training, and of course their emphasis on form and mobility. When they say, 'form first' they aren't playing- these guys are absolutely meticulous. Shoutout to PD/Zack/Wes for showing me how strong I already am and never letting me go easy!

    IX Qadri - 11.6lbs
  • What you put into life is what you get out of it. This gym, these trainers and the people who make up this fitness family are incredible. Since starting my journey at First Form Fitness, I have been pushed, encouraged, motivated and feel accomplished each day I walk out of their facility. PD, Zack and Wes have created an atmosphere that radiates teamwork, positivity and self-worth. In six short weeks at First Form Fitness, I have lost 13 pounds and 5.4% body fat. Not only do I feel better physically, but the environment that these trainers created has benefited my mental and emotional health. The time and effort put into each member is nothing a commercial gym has ever given me. Seeing the results, I have achieved in six short weeks excites me for my future at First Form Fitness. If you are in the Atlanta/Alpharetta/Milton area please check them out, they may just change your life!

    Emily Gillespie - 12.6lbs/5.4%
  • I am new to the personal trainer experience and this team here Is Amazing!!!

    Lee Perryman - 20.6lbs/7.4%
  • The trainers are awesome and very motivating! The results are well worth the effort!

    Shonda - 13.6lbs/6.7%
  • I managed to lose 24 lbs. and 7% body fat in 6 weeks. This place has definitely changed my daily habits. Zach, Wes, and PD are awesome. The perfect mixture of understanding and unforgiving. I feel amazing all around after coming here.

    Joe Bush - 24lbs/7%
  • I am done with my 6-week challenge & reached the goal, lost 5% of fat & 7 pounds of my weight.

    I didn't stop my relationship with FFF, still continuing my workout.

    The way they welcome us daily gives more energy, power & interest on our work out.

    Thank you so much PD & Wes for your support

    I am so happy to be a part of FFF family 🙂

    Hope to see more clients to join, just don't wait for a day to join the club. Today is your day

    Come over to make your dreams come true.

    Praneetha Lanka - 5%
  • Amazing coaching center with all the equipment you need to actually make a true transformation and get incredible results fast. The best part is that the coaches at First Form are pros that are very knowledgeable in the area of biomechanics and extremely dedicated to their clients & their goals.

    Max Posternak
  • The trainers at First Form are amazing! I love that form comes first and then the work. In 6 weeks, I lost 20 lbs. with their help. They always pushed me farther than I thought I could go. And with nutrition always being the hard part for me they always answered any questions that I had and made sure that I could stay consistent with my food choices. If you are looking for a good all-encompassing gym service I would definitely recommend First Form Fitness!

    Adrienne Dibrell - 20 lbs
  • Cannot say enough good things about these guys (PD, Wes & Zach). I took the 6 week challenge because 28 years of being a desk jockey had taken its toll. I hit my marks but the real learning was coming to understand how many muscles I don't use and may have never used. I am sticking with these guys as they take me a new level of health and vitality. If you want to get healthy in a group setting or individual lessons, these guys are the ones you want to spend time with.

    Alex Reichstein - 20.8lbs
  • I cannot say enough great things about First Form Fitness. Skinny Fat , that was me, I ate poorly and said "I'll go to the gym tomorrow " for so long that I didn't know where to begin. That's when I found F3 , in 6 weeks I've lost 12 lbs. and 6% body fat ,they have shown me how to eat to fuel my body and how to get the most out of every workout . I feel energized, healthy, and excited about my workouts now.

    Coach PD, Coach Wes, and Coach Zac are invested in your success every step of the way, giving you all the tools to change your lifestyle not just the way you look. If you are ready for a change and don't know where to begin First Form Fitness is your answer. Tired of starting over, then don't give up!

    Dena Mesi - 9.7lbs/5.9%
  • I joined First Form Fitness Studio for the 6 weeks challenge after having a baby. I've been working out in gyms for a long time but this was something different. It's a place with awesome coaches (Wes, PD & Zac) who motivate you to be better, stronger and confidence. In their training, 'form' comes first! This ensures that you are not compromising your posture and get the maximum use of your targeted muscles for leaner you. Also prevents injuries! If you have a pre-existing injury, they modify the exercises so you don’t feel left out. They also provide meal plans based on your needs. Yes! Am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and clothes. I would recommend this studio to anyone who needs transformation. Thank you team and you've changed my push-ups forever

    Margaret Wamukari
  • First Form Fitness taught me so much about nutrition and getting in shape. I thought I was eating healthy, but they helped show me the science behind it to help your body lose weight. That still takes will power, but the trainers do a great job keeping you accountable. The training is responsible and sets you up for success. They show you the right way to do everything so you don't hurt yourself. They can help you work around those aches and pains you've always had working out to correct them. It's the perfect mix of tough and supportive because you know you'll never push yourself as hard as your trainer will to get results : ) do yourself a favor and stop by.

    Rebecca Booth - 19.1lbs/6%
  • I have finished my 6 week challenge with First Form Fitness and I am truly impressed!! Wes, Zack, and PD are amazing! They are so positive and really make you feel like part of a family. They are tough and don't let you quit. They not only work with the fitness part but with your diet. When I say diet I really mean a better way to eat for overall health. Not something unrealistic and hard to maintain. I have formed habits with them that will stick with me. I am really grateful for the time they took with me and the individual training they provide. I have been to gyms in the past where they do not care about your form which can lead to pain and injuries. Wes, Zack, and PD take this very seriously. They teach you and make sure you maintain correct form throughout all of the exercises. I would completely recommend First Form Fitness to anyone who is serious about making a change for themselves!! Love it

    Melanie Weeks - 14.9lbs/6.2%
  • Let me start with I was never the most in shape guy. Despite that the amazing work and encouragement of Wes, PD, and Zack through the 6 week challenge has allowed me to get the results I have always wanted. Over the last 6 weeks I have lost 26.8 pounds, have gained muscle, and both cardiovascular and mental endurance. It is amazing what you can accomplish with the right mentality and the right support. The guys at First Form Fitness Studio provide you with all the knowledge and experience that you need to succeed at any fitness goal you set.

    Overall my experience has been a great pleasure and I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I look forward to waking up to working out, even when the workout of the day seemed insurmountable (spoiler - it was always hard but due to the expert knowledge of the F3 team it was always achievable.)

    Mat Lacasse - 26.5lbs
  • Thanks to First Form Fitness and it's AWESOME Coaches, I successfully exceeded my fitness goals in the 6-week transformation challenge. These three coaches (PD, Wes, and Zach) were nothing short of amazing in their motivation and fitness techniques. They genuinely care about EACH person's fitness and health goals. Can't wait to join this gym again for another challenge!!

    Princess Griffin - 16.3lbs/6.4%
  • Hi there,

    My name is Raj Parmar. I am 5'9", started at145. I took the challenge because my family has a history of high BP and deaths due to cardio vascular disease and I was not going to be part of the statistics.

    My first day workout at First Form was absolutely grueling. I did not think I could hurt so much in so many places at the same time.

    There were no special machines, just basic hard work out like "Rocky", with bar dumb bells, cow bells, medicine ball, ropes, ring rows. Nothing fancy, but it did the job.


    PD and Zac knew how hard to push each one of us to our potential and what we were capable of producing. If they said I could do 5 more burpees then I would get very close to it. All I had to do was not give up.

    Things did not get any easier as the weeks went by, however, I could see the physical change in my body, the strength I was feeling in my day to day activities.

    This was also due to the dietary program that we had to follow. This was a little challenging for me since I am a pure veterinarian. However, Zac worked closely with my to tweak it making sure I was getting everything I needed.

    I am so much faster in my tennis game and get to balls which I would usually miss. My team mates tell me I was like a blur across the court.

    Today was my last day. I achieved much much more than just my goal. I was now at 139 (151/163), and I have burnt 70% body fat and three inches from my waist (32 to 29).

    I can't even begin to tell you how great I feel.

    This past weekend I was at Top Golf and my friends just kept asking me how great I looked and when we went to have Mexican in the evening for dinner, I could barely eat anything there because my core was so tight.

    In short, It works. They made a new "man" out of me.


    Raj Parmar - 5lbs/6.9%
  • These guys have been awesome! Their workouts have kicked my butt and had me sweating 22 lbs. off my body in 6 weeks!!

    If you are in the area and are looking for a cool small, locally run gym, give Wes, PD, and Zach a try. They will help you, work you out, and motivate you for the better!

    Brad Twining - 22lbs
  • Very few things in life are truly life changing, but joining First Form Fitness has been for me. I started working with PD and Zack about a year ago, just before my 69th birthday. The most important thing PD, Zack and Wes teach is how to exercise using proper form. They preach that by using proper form, it is unlikely that you will get hurt not only while exercising, but also going about your daily activities. By listening and learning from PD, Zack and Wes, I have gone from not being able to do 1 pushup to doing 50. Not being able to do 1 sit-up to doing 100. Not being able to do 1 real body squat to doing 220 non-stop body squats. I did not believe that to be a possibility. They have also worked on increasing my mobility. After two rotator cuff injuries, I lost much of my shoulder range of motion. PD and Zack have worked with me so that now I have very close to full range of motion. It won't be long. Recently, I went to my doctor, and my BP has gotten low enough for him to take me off one of my meds. My A1C has gone down over 9 points, and the list of good things goes on. This was not a quick trip. It definitely will take your commitment, but PD, Zack and Wes will be the perfect guides to take you on your journey to strength, mobility, and overall fitness. I am looking forward to the continuing journey. And remember, you're never too old or young to start the journey!

    Drew Williams
  • Form First Fitness is the best gym I have ever been to. PD, Wes and Zach are the best trainers you can find. They are very knowledgeable and helpful and look for ways to help you with anything you need and adjust your workout in case you’re having any difficulty or injury. I have had 3 knee surgeries in the past and was having lots of issues before I began at Form First. With the help of the guys I have strengthened my knee and been able to help reduce the discomfort I would feel in my legs. Along with helping my knees I am eating better and I have lost 15 pounds feeling better then I ever have. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone, go better yourself and your health and sign up you won’t regret it!

    Jonathon Alva - 15lbs/2.6%
  • This is where I'm supposed to be with trainers Pedram Daryus Shirgir, Zack Jones and Wes Carter who really do care, guide, teach, inspire, motivate, and never give up on us. I've seen some awesome transformations in this gym with Michelle Fairfax, Sarah Kersting, Mehreen Siddiqui, Trevor Carlson Williams, Cason Tullis, and many more. I'm so grateful for my First Form Fitness family. New friendships, having fun even though our work is hard, and the encouragement that we give one another is priceless.

    Just this week I've lost 5.2 lbs., doing what my trainers asked me to do. The trainers at First Form Fitness are awesome. They bring so much knowledge, positivity, motivation, and commitment to their clients to achieve their goals. Life changing and I'm looking forward to climbing that mountain to my transformation.

    Bonnie Clardia - 5.2Lbs.
  • I have trained with Zach for nearly a year and have seen significant progress in not only my strength but also in my understanding of exercise physiology. Zach customizes each workout to add variety while still keeping you on track for your short-term and long-term goals.

    In the past 4 months, we have solely focused on the foundational weightlifting movements of bench, squat and deadlift. And for the first time in my life, I am performing them correctly and injury-free. Zach analyzes each rep to make sure you are keeping correct form and always provides insightful feedback throughout the training session. I highly recommend Zach and First Form Fitness if you want to reach your weightlifting / exercise goals in a fun and knowledgeable atmosphere.

    Bret Kroll Feb. 4, 2017
  • An opportunity to look into your deep self, these coaches / friends help you dive deeper into a peaceful mindset and a productive lifestyle. #FirstFormFitness

    Lindsay Roberts Jan. 13, 2017
  • I began working out with PD not knowing what to expect but soon I began to realize that losing weight isn't just working out but it's a mindset. The trainers at this gym are your life coach and will change your life. I learned to eat healthy, think better about myself, and feel the strongest I've ever felt. I've lost inches and feel amazing. Thanks to Zach and PD! You definitely want to check this place out if you want to begin feeling a new you!

    Khadeejah Farooq Nov. 27, 2016
  • Truly a place where the full value within one's own life can be realized.

    Chris Lefty McLefterson Land Dec. 2, 2016


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